Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cyprus: the final brick in the Wall?

The Berlin wall went down more than 25 years ago. But that was not the last wall of Europe. Although it has been away from the headlines in the last decades, Nicosia has in fact a separating wall in the center of its downtown. On one side, you're in the Greek part of Cyprus. On  the other, you're in the turkish occupied side. You have in fact a frontier with, guards on both sides, that ask you for your documents and let you go from one side to the other. 

Several unsuccessful efforts have been done in the last years to guarentee the reunification of the island. But it looks like that the governments of both sides are finally committed to put an end to this division that lasts since 1974. And analysts foresee that, having in mind the negotiations underway, a settlement can be reached by the end of 2016.

Let´s hope so. Although other walls in Europe are being planned right now, it's good to know that this one is probably going done.

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