Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ms President

Hillary and Trump are the front runners in their party’s primaries. It's today almost impossible for the competitors on both sides to take their victory away. And, if in November, these two compete for the US Presidency, all the pools give Hillary a clear majority. So, is the world ready for a Ms President like Hillary?

The question is not, of course, the fact that Hillary is a “she”. The Economist resumes in a intelligent way the paradox around the candidate: "Unloved and Unstoppable". That's what's happening with Hillary. She is not a new Obama, she doesn’t galvanize her supporters and a wave of enthusiasm around her continues to be far away scenario.

But she has several things that make her unstoppable:
  1. The vast majority of the super delegates are voting for the ex-First Lady, ex-Congressman and ex-Secretary of State. 
  2. The majority of the black voters and even Hispanics in America support Hillary (and yes, in America the race is an important determinant of the voting profile). 
  3. Hillary is by far the favorite of moderated republican voters. Several are already saying to the media that, if Trump will be the Republican candidate, they will vote Clinton.
More than a game of popularity, American democracy is full of the kind of arithmetic. Hillary is not very popular and her policies don't seem to promote any big change in America. So what?

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