Sunday, 24 April 2016

Narcos and Narcotics

In less than a week, I just gobbled Narcos, probably the best 2015 series of Netflix. It's in fact was the perfect narcotic: the Latin American environment, the perfect soundtrack, an anti-hero called Pablo Escobar and, last but not least, the fact that is based in a true story, The performance of the Brazilian Wagner Mora, staring Pablo Escobar, is very good. And although sometimes the story is overly focused on the DEA angle, all the rest guarantees you several hours of entertainment.

The best part was that, when I talked with my Spanish teacher and told her that I loved Narcos, she said something like: "Ok, Joao. Narcos is good, but it’s the typical American series. If you really want to know better the story Escobar, you must watch "El patrón del Mal". There you will find the Colombian perspective about Escobar". 

Good dammed! I just get rid of one narcotic, and a new one is already being offered to me!

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