Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Gérald Bloncourt and the Portuguese Immigration in the 60s and 70s

Today, in the wired, sophisticated and trendy world that we tend to live in, it´s difficult to imagine what simple courage is. It's difficult to imagine what could make you run from your country just because you need a decent and normal life. The refugee crisis that Europe is living invite us to wake up and smell the coffee, for sure. But when you always lived in a western country, and your basic needs are typically granted, its difficult to put yourself in the shoes of a Syrian that is running from a terrible war.

What if the story was not about a syrian? What if the story was about people from western Europe that just massivly migrated, runnning from a dictatorship and from a country where the future simly disapeared?

That´s in fact the story behind the pictures of Gérald Bloncourt. That´s the story of the book just launched that agregates incredible pictures about the Portuguese massive immigration in the 60s, mostly to France. Pictures about clandestine walking across borders in the Pyrenees. Pictures reflecting simple faces and genuine expressions from Portuguese imigrants in the bidonvilles around Paris in the 60s.

The book Le Regard Engagé avec les fils des Grand Découvrers, from Gerald Bloncourt, is a call to reality. We need this kind of books today. We need images that can bring us to the basics and remind us what our world, even the western world, is made of. We need reality hunters, like Gerald, thatcan help of eyes being open.

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