Monday, 9 January 2017

Soares is Cool

Mário Soares is generally considered the father of the Portuguese democracy. His role as an opponent of the 50 years dictatorship in Portugal and as a key figure on the transition and consolidation to the democracy period in the country is unquestionable. 

As all big political agents, Soares is not a consensual figure (a quite obvious statement, I know). His temperament, his political ideas, his role in several political moments is questionable and still discussed in several forums. 

However, the clearest proof that Portugal, Europe and even the world assisted this Saturday to the departure of a huge politician is the positive acknowledgment and tribute that Soares received from diverse social and political sectors. From left to right-wing politicians, from active supporters and long-term opponents, everybody recognizes that the Portuguese democracy lost probably his most emblematic founder. 

Soares é fixe (Soares is cool) is a famous slogan of one of one of his most intensives political campaigns. Soares é fixe: almost everybody seems to agree with it.

Image: Mário Soares, by Júlio Pomar

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