Thursday, 16 February 2017

Artificial Intelligence and Journalism

"The dispatch came with the clarity and verve for which Post reporters are known, with one key difference: It was generated by Heliograf, a bot that made its debut on the Post’s website last year and marked the most sophisticated use of artificial intelligence in journalism to date. (...) It’s not hard to imagine a future in which AI plays a larger and larger role in creating journalism. Whether that’s good news for journalists and readers is another story."in Wired

We all know that artificial intelligence is out there and is capable of doing wonderful things. But even those that are most positive about the digital transformation positive impacts on our societies are very cautious about the effects of machine-written articles. Because journalists are the most rotten watchdogs of our democracies.   

Can a machine be a democratic watchdog too? Can a algorithm assume the values of freedom, of liberty, of justice? Maybe there are some red lines that should not be crossed yet...

Image: Arthur Caranta, used here with Creative Commons license.

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