Monday, 28 August 2017

A Brief (and different) History of Humankind

What makes Harari's bestseller different from other books of world history? Probably the fact that this is not a history book. Sapiens is not about describing the classical Greece and Rome, about the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, about the Mercantilism and Industrialism. The author is mostly focused on explaining the why, leaving the what  and how to the school manuals.

What's the role of religion, of money, of empires, of war, of ignorance, of science, of industry, of science, of culture? How all these processes were fundamental to our evolution as a species? How they shape the years, decades or even centuries to come?

Sapiens is a holistic essay about our species and how we became the true gods of our world. A must read that explains/reminds us, in a very simple and clear way, the macro-evolution processes that sustain our present and treath the path to our future.

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